Maryangel Rebel



About Us 

Maryangel Rebel is an E-Commerce Global Fashion design clothing company for all girls which aims to launch innovative and contemporary fashion ideas and lifestyle in line with the latest young trends at affordable prices for all occasions in your life. 


Our History 

Maryangel Rebel was born with the aim to design, style and dress young generations and for making the fashion industry more affordable, sustainable and accessible to everyone. 

The company’s core value is about social connections, rebellion and eccentricity, social aspirations and status, identity and seduction. 


Our Vision 

We aim to keep the company always trendy with an accent rebel based on contemporary fashion lifestyles and dreams. 

We leverage on  social young community to empower self- esteem, confidence and body positivity. 


Our Outreach 

The desire to design, style and dress up underline our exigence overcome historical, cultural and geographical boundaries and use our clothing fashion design to promote positivity as an expression of identity. 


Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain, increase the level of circularity and sustainability in the fashion sector through traceability and transparency, implement circular business processes along the entire value chain, promote better waste management, contribute to raising awareness among all stakeholders on sustainable production and consumption and collaborate with other circularity initiatives. 


The future of Maryangel Rebel 

We plan to experiment new fabrics, waste and high-tech design. 

The evoultion into digital fashion offers a sustainable alternative to current disposable fashion culture.  

This approach avoids waste and offers consumers the chance to engage in the latest trends without damaging the environment.